Merciful Mornings
September 6, 2015


I was away from the world of technology and social media for a whole weekend, and I didn’t die. I even opened up a real paper book, and it was glorious.

For many people, that seems like a silly thing to say. “Well, of course you didn’t die! Who needs the interwebs, anyway?? Not me!” But you might be surprised.

We had a family retreat with our church this weekend, and the campgrounds are out in the middle of nowhere. Some people loved the idea of losing all contact with the outside world. No phones, no Facebook, no Twitter, no technological extension of themselves to keep up with all weekend. Is this sounding good to  you?

For others, it was more of a challenge. We still walked around with our phones in our back pockets the whole time we were there. Why?? For most people, these crazy arm-extensions now also serve as a clock, camera, notebook, and flashlight. Forgot your bible for the evening devo? No worries – there’s an app for that. And as we used our phones as cameras to capture the precious moments, you could hear people saying things like, “I guess I’ll just text this to you once we have signal again.” What?? I have to WAIT for my pictures?! That’s just cruel.

I realized very quickly just how reliant we have become on these devices. We all talk about it, and you can probably find a million articles written about the shift of culture as technology advances. Nothing new here. But I really wonder – could you do it? If I were to challenge you to lock up your phone for an entire weekend, what would your initial reaction be? Some would immediately dismiss the suggestion because who can go that long without it?? Perish the thought! Others would consider it for a moment… and then have a panic attack. There are a few who still have that sigh of relief when the connection is broken.

So here’s the question my truly curious mind wants to know: what’s your response to the suggestion of a whole weekend without a phone or social media? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Who knows – maybe I’ll have my third graders create a graph to show the results. 😉