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Uncategorized Mar 12, 2021

One of the biggest struggles of online teaching is making the classes fun and interactive, so let’s talk about one way to overcome that. Google Slides is a great tool for interactive activities for your online class, so I decided to break down how to create these fun activities in a step-by-step manner! 

The best part of this process is that you can customize your images to match your classes using... CANVA!! If this is the first time you are hearing about Canva, you should check out this blog post! There are 3 different account types for Canva: the free account (basic features, but awesome), the education account (more features & free for teachers with qualifying email address), and the pro account (paid with lots of features and makes me super happy). If you are ready to sign up for your Canva pro account, click here!


  1. Create your customized image to become your Google Slides background in Canva
  2. Download your image as a PNG
  3. Open a new presentation in Google Slides
  4. Insert your downloaded Canva picture into a blank slide
  5. Adjust the image to make your background look exactly the way you want it to
  6. Download the slide you just created as a PNG
  7. On a new blank slide choose upload an image under background and choose the slide you just downloaded
  8. Now you have a static background

Check out this video to see more of how these steps are done.

Now it is time to create the images for the interactive part! 

Again, use Canva to create the images customized to the needs of your class. One convenient feature in Canva is the ability to duplicate images. For example, if you are creating true and false statements on an image, you can duplicate the first image and then just change the text. Keep duplicating until you have all your statements completed! Another tip for making these statements easier is to have them pre-typed in a Google doc. Then when it comes to creating the images, just use the copy and paste feature and - BOOM - images done! 

Check out this video for more info on creating the images for your interactive activity.

Now we are ready to put this interactive activity all together! Open your presentation and add your background. If there are new images you created when doing your interactive piece that need to stay put on the background, follow the steps from phase 1 and re-download your new background. 

Next, insert all the images for the interactive part. Use the format options to get all the images the same size. Check the box that locks the aspect ratio so it doesn’t get too skinny or flat.  Once all your images are sized correctly, select all the images to align them where you want them. 

Check out this video for more information on putting all the pieces together!

Clear as mud? Still have questions after watching the videos?? Feel free to email me at [email protected].

Happy creating!


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