Overcoming Self-Doubt

If you have met someone who is amazing at overcoming self-doubt and able to do all things in life well with no help at all, please share their information with me! I would love to know what their secret is. Personally, I have yet to find anyone who meets that criteria. Most people I know are looking to someone else for help or education in some area of life (often more than one!), and I will be the first to share my gratitude for those who are willing to fill the coach, teacher, and mentor roles.

"But Rachel… don't YOU serve as a coach, teacher, and mentor??" Why, yes. Yes I do. But I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again…

Even the best coaches need a coach.

…which brings us to this next insane chapter of life that I am so excited to share with you!

When I was presented with the opportunity to spend a full day with a best-selling author at her home in Connecticut, my initial response was to reject that it was a legit possibility. Why would I even consider such an outlandish trip? I had objections on top of objections to rationalize staying home and letting this chance pass by. Let’s see if any of these resonate with you…

  1. She’s a best-selling author. I am Rachel. We could really just stop there.
  2. There is a significant amount of money that I would need to spend for the full day of coaching services, flights from Arkansas to Connecticut, a rental car, food, and coffee. 
  3. I would have to prep All The Things for my family to do life while I'm in another state for 3 days.
  4. What if I get there and she thinks my ideas are garbage?
  5. What if I get there and she thinks *I* am garbage??

(You might notice a downward spiraling trend here.)

So in case you didn't hear me shouting from the rooftops over on Instagram last week, I overcame my own objections & made the scary, brave choice to go! I made the plans, I did the overwhelming adulting tasks that my ADHD brain rebels against, and I spent the dollar bills. 


I spent a full day with the lovely Mary Marantz and her gracious husband, Justin. They were such kind hosts to this crazy southern girl who was eager to learn and grow. I was given delicious meals, hot chocolate, and red wine throughout my stay. Mary and I got SO much work done, and the plans for 2023 are EPIC. (Seriously, it's taking all manner of impulse control to not just spill all the beans at once!!! Stay tuned…)

Bonus: They did not call me or my ideas "garbage" even one time! #winning 

May we never be too proud to ask for help, and may we always be brave enough to try the new, scary things.



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