Time Management Tips for Teachers

online teaching Nov 16, 2020

When I asked teachers what they needed most these days, the overwhelming answers were “more time” and “a secretary.” Alrighty, then... Let’s at least get started with the first one with a few tips that should help, and then I’ll see what I can do about the second one. :)

I know some of you like to have your lesson plans prepped for weeks (or even months) at a time, but this is definitely one area where you can rein it in a bit. It can be overwhelming to try and plan a whole semester all at once! If you can focus on planning one week at a time, it’s much more manageable. Bonus: You still have 7 days of lesson plans completed and ready to go!

This has been a huge boost for my personal productivity, so I have to make sure you know about it! Set an appointment with yourself for a specified amount of time and batch the tasks you need to get done. Set a timer and only work on the specified activity - don’t get all squirrelly and start doing other things! You will be so much more productive because you know this is the only time allotted to work on this task. Block scheduling allows you to be more intentional and productive!

Being the people-pleaser that I am, I always try to keep any appointments I’ve made with others. If I make an appointment to meet a friend for coffee and then just blow it off or decide to do something else instead, that shows my friend that they aren’t actually that important to me. (I am seriously feeling panicked just thinking about this happening!!!) When you schedule a block of time to work on something that needs to get done, you’re setting an appointment with yourself. Why is this appointment any less important than the one with your friend? Respect yourself, maintain your boundaries, and keep those appointments with yourself - you’re worth it!

Distractions are a huge time drain! I am the Queen of all Squirrels, and I’m here to tell you that we can take control of the infinite notifications. We have the power! The world will carry on without us, and it will all still be there when we get back from our focused time. You do not need to be immediately informed every time there is an update on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, calendar events, etc. Don’t buy into the idea that you have to stay current in ALL THE THINGS. Your FOMO (that’s “Fear Of Missing Out” for those of us just now catching up on the hip lingo these days) cannot dictate how you spend your day if you want to get anything done!

Grading was the bane of my existence as a classroom teacher. Too easily, teachers get caught in the vicious cycle of giving out assignments, being in a time crunch to get them all graded, getting them entered into the gradebook, and returning everything to the students. One way to reduce this crazy cycle is to evaluate what assignments are critical to be graded for skill mastery and what can be done for completion and practice. Bottom line: You don’t have to grade ALL THE THINGS. (There. I said it. Come at me, bro.)

You may be thinking, "Ugh, with all these time management tips, I still don't have enough time to get everything done. I just need my own personal secretary." Not a problem! I have created Teacher's Personal Secretary to take you from being stretched too thin to taking control of your schedule! This personal secretary can be implemented in 2 short days! It’s time to get a handle on the chaos, so let this program help you reclaim your time, peace, and mental clarity today. If you've got questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] Be sure to check out this video to hear more about time management tips and Teacher's Personal Secretary.


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