Love What You Teach

The Ultimate Roadmap for Teachers to Turn Passions, Hobbies, and Expertise into Profitable Online Classes


Create and market online classes you love.

Reclaim the joy of teaching.

Experience more freedom with your finances and scheduling.

What if you could truly love what you were teaching, make more money in less time, and manage your own teaching schedule?


Love What You Teach is the ultimate roadmap that helps you identify the skills you've developed as a teacher, helps you clarify what you actually want to be teaching, and then paves the way to discovering freedom with your finances and schedule.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Nailed Down Your Class Topic

    You'll discover what really brings you joy and create a course based on the things that light you up.
  • Fully Outlined Your Class Details

    There's no guesswork to making sure all of your bases are covered because you've got a proven roadmap to follow.
  • Confidently selected your preferred online teaching platform

    The best options will be presented and explained so you can choose what works best for you.
  • Chosen and implemented the best educational technology tools for your class and students

    Learn from a specialist in the field to select the best ways to engage your students.
  • Created marketing materials to share your online class and gain students

    Share your classes with confidence, effectively gaining students and growing your services.

I am so thankful I found Rachel and the Love What You Teach program! Rachel is very knowledgeable on all aspects of creating classes and getting yourself established online. The value in the Love What You Teach program is priceless! Information is presented in an easily understandable manner and at a pace that allows you to learn and implement at the same time. You get valuable videos, pdfs, and other resources that ensure you are successful. With Rachel’s assistance and the Love What You Teach program, I have been able to create multiple classes online and am now making a living teaching content that I love! I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to get set up teaching online! 


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What’s Inside Love What You Teach 


Module 1

The 5 Ws of Teaching Online

In these lessons, you will gain clarity on the who, what, when, where, and why you should teach online. This sets the foundation you need as you move forward to create your ideal online class.

Module Highlights:

  • Why should I teach?
  • What should I teach?
  • Who is my ideal student?
  • When and where should my classes be offered?
Module 2

Creating a Course

These lessons will walk you step-by-step through all of the aspects of creating an online class. There is no guesswork as you make sure every detail is covered to provide a successful course.

Module Highlights:

  • Planning the basics with a detailed description
  • How to set the price
  • Homework, Assessments, Resources, and Copyright considerations
  • Addressing supply needs and parental guidance
Module 3

Education Technology Tools

Now that you have the class created, it's time to determine which tech tools will work best for your subject and age group to ensure engagement and learning.

Module Highlights:

  • Creating with Canva
  • Google Slides
  • The Best Tools of the Trade with Ed. Tech Specialist, Maggie Brennan
Module 4

Platforms & Websites

You've created your class and chosen the tools you need - now it's time to select the platform where you will offer these amazing classes.

Module Highlights:

  • Zoom Tips & Tricks
  • Google Meet
  • Outschool
  • A Few More Options to Consider
Module 5

Growing Your Business

It's time to start teaching! How will you let others know about the amazing classes you have to offer? I'm bringing in all the specialists to help you with this part of the journey!

Module Highlights:

  • Being an Independent Contractor
  • Social Media Marketing 101 (Leah Sparrow)
  • Email Marketing (Janice Cook) 
  • Utilizing YouTube
  • Building a Website (Tim Gascoigne)
  • Profiting with Pinterest (Sirena Cooper)

I had just started with VIPKid for full-time work before taking this course and already taught approximately 1,000 classes in about 150 days. I was burned out and needed to take the next steps in building my future. I was able to generate a few ideas, but I had never created content/curriculum before. The knowledge Rachel offers, the templates for getting ideas from head to paper, and the simple steps were the best benefits in taking Love What You Teach.


When you enroll today,

you’ll get:


Love What You Teach
(A $1,450 Value)


  • 5 Modules

    The ultimate roadmap to turn your passion, hobbies, and expertise into profitable online classes

  • Videos, PDF Guides, Swipe Files, & Templates

    Everything you need to take the guesswork out of the creation process
  • Lessons from experts in the fields of education, marketing, and technology tools

    Ensuring you have the most reliable and supportive information on this journey

PLUS This Bonus to Help You Reach Your Goals

Online Business Finances Bonus

with Brittany Flammer

(A $99 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Brittany Flammer is a mom of 5 kids, an online teacher, and an avid budgeter. She and her husband have been married for 15 years, with their income averaging UNDER $30,000 per year. BUT - they've been able to pay for grad school, travel the world with their kids, and save over $100,000 for their DREAM HOUSE. They've done a lot of things on a budget, including starting a successful online business. She's ready to share her tips and tricks so you can be successful, too!

  • Workbook PDF
  • Five-part Video Tutorial

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Rachel helped me understand how I could teach what I love! My passion is horses, but I have always taught horses in a face to face manner. Having no idea how you could possibly teach horses online, she showed me how to create lessons that appealed to my ideal students online. Teaching my favorite hobby and getting paid for it from the comfort of my home was like a dream come true. I was able to discover how to create lesson plans, which then turned into a curriculum through her guidance and support. Her advice has helped me understand how to set up my online freelance business regarding setting my price, copyright, scheduling, defining who my ideal student is, the topics I should cover and how, deciding what technology to use, how to handle sensitive content/issues, and so much more! My schedule is tailored more to my lifestyle, and my business meets my financial needs as an online teacher.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still thinking about it?


Love What You Teach is PERFECT for you if you are… 

... always having to teach in a way that you don't love with demands that leave you feeling overwhelmed, and you're ready for a better option.

... exhausted from the number of hours you have to put in with all of the extra tasks that are being required, and you want to take control of your own schedule.

... intrigued by the idea that you can actually make more money while setting your own schedule and loving what you teach.

... ready to stop feeling overworked and underpaid, never being appreciated for your efforts, and you want the freedom to teach your way and in a way that kids want to learn.

... excited to explore more options that allow you to reconnect with the reason you decided to teach in the first place.

Hi, I'm Rachel!

Being able to teach from home on a schedule that I set was a game changer for me and my family. Creating this course is my way of sharing that flexibility and freedom with as many teachers as possible!

Not only are you able to set your own pay and hours, but you also get to teach classes about things that light you up to students that are excited to learn. You can say NO to the classes, grade levels, and subjects that drain you, and say YES to the subjects, classes, and grade levels that bring you joy.

If you are ready to experience your own version of this lifestyle, you are definitely in the right place!

I would love to make this journey as easy and rewarding as possible for you, so let's do this!

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