Online Teaching Framework

Intentional Strategies for Attracting Your Students


Does this sound familiar?


You want to teach online, but you don't know exactly...

  • WHAT you should teach
  • WHO you should teach
  • HOW you will find your students


The Online Teaching Framework is the training you need to answer ALL of these questions and provide specific, actionable steps to move your online teaching business forward!

A Note From The Instructors...

Have you been wanting to teach independently online, but you can't quite seem to get it going the way you'd like? 

We're tired of watching others struggle as they try to develop an online business - it doesn't have to be this hard!

This training was created specifically for you if... 

  • you are ready to teach what you love in an online setting.
  • you want to design a teaching schedule that fits your needs.
  • you're ready to improve your marketing strategies and gain more students.

We're excited to share what we know and love, so let's do this!

~ Rachel & Leah


-Brenda S.

Rachel is very knowledgeable on all aspects of creating classes and getting yourself established online. With Rachel’s assistance and the Love What You Teach program, I have been able to create multiple classes online and am now making a living teaching content that I love!

-Ali Jo E.

Leah was so generous with her time and gave such comprehensive answers to all of my questions.  When I woke up yesterday, my head was spinning and I had no idea how to get the ball rolling.  After our conversation, I can see a clear path forward and I feel motivated. These resources will be invaluable to me as I embark on my freelance journey.